Apiso and FinMont announce partnership for the provision of Virtual Card services to Airlines in Europe

Apiso today announced that it has entered into partnership with Global payment orchestration platform FinMont to provide enhanced virtual card offerings to its existing and future clients via their market-leading solution. This will further enable Apiso to distribute its products across Europe as it continues to expand its operations.

FinMont was launched by the founders of German airline Hahn Air to offer the travel industry a unique solution that, unlike others, streamlines both B2C and B2B payments.

By integrating with Apiso’s APIs, FinMont will act as an enablement partner with full access to Apiso products and services including a comprehensive basket of European currencies, all major MENA (Middle East and North African) currencies, and virtual cards with differing interchange levels from both MasterCard and Visa including wholesale travel payment products from both schemes.

This extensive solution allows FinMont the ability to offer its broad customer base access to Apiso products so they can make payments using local currency virtual cards across the payment orchestration platform.

Andrew Sims, Director at Apiso, said “Apiso’s new relationship with FinMont is further evidence of our approach to delivering joined-up solutions in the travel segment by partnering with industry-leading travel technology players. The resulting integrated solution delivers a win-win-win for our mutual customers, FinMont and Apiso alike.”

Suby Valluri, CEO of FinMont, added “We are thrilled to be partnering with Apiso and to deploy their products through our platform as it will allow our clients to utilise virtual credit cards in their local currencies, especially in all major MENA curriences.”

About Apiso

Apiso’s Advance Payment Integration solutions are setting new standards in multi-currency multi-channel B2B virtual card (VCN) payments. The company’s advanced technologies enable customers and distribution partners to access multi-currency B2B VCN payment services across multiple channels including API, web, and integration with Global Distribution Systems (GDS) and other travel technology companies.

The combination of its services and unique consultative approach enables its customers to optimize outbound payments in order to drive new revenues, decrease costs and FX, and increase profitability.

For further information about Apiso please visit www.apiso.io or contact:

Suhail Uddin, Chief Commercial Officer 

About Finmont

Hahn Air Lines GmbH launched an innovation lab to address the specific payment needs of the travel distribution faced by the company and later created FinMont GmbH as a separate company to focus on specific travel payment needs. One of the key motivations for understanding the importance of payment orchestration came out in the aftermath of the Wirecard scandal, where the significant risks of being a merchant that relied on a single payment service provider were exposed. The FinMont solution has been developed to address the market need for a payment orchestration platform that solves the specific needs of the travel industry.